Bar Thoughts in NYC

Unless I consciously sit upright, I tend to slouch in my seat. When in NYC, many times I walk to nearby bars for a late-night drink. Depending on how I feel I seek out a type of bar. I find a spot at the bar, heave myself onto the barstool, and keep fingering my drink... Continue Reading →

Field Notes on Patriarchy

"Onnum sollaadheenga sir, ellaam nalladhukkudhaan" she said, leaning through my car window, her voice huskier than a woman's, her lilt more pronounced than a man's. As the light turned green, and I pulled out, stuffing my wallet into my pocket blindly with one hand, I was slightly irritated and glad. Irritated because I hadn't foreseen... Continue Reading →

Smurfing in India

Where I stay in Bangalore, the red dust envelopes everything. The roads are perversely bad, the sewers are open, shaggy dogs and pigs nuzzle in piles of dirt, and the sun beats down relentlessly on snarling traffic. In the mornings, when the sun hasn't yet reached its belligerence, I sometimes walk to the nearby petti... Continue Reading →

My Story – Kamala Das

Kamala Das, during her Madhavikutty days, reminds me of the actress Jalaja. I think it is because they both remind me of childhood afternoons spent watching slow Malayalam movies on national television. Maybe, even then, I realized that I could understand a language that was not native to the Tamil land I inhabited, and that... Continue Reading →

The Cat and the Tree

Mira loves spotting cats. She is great at it. I am fairly observant too, but her eyes seem sharper and her ability to spot feline hiding spots seems highly tuned. She lets out a small yelp or a dramatic "caaatt" in a low voice when she spots one. Cats are evening routines though. Early mornings,... Continue Reading →

Trivandrum _ Bangalore

That Trivandrum makes Bangalore feel barbarously backward takes me by surprise every time I've been in Kerala. In Trivandrum, students and children happily chatter in smiling conversations as they walk along an orderly road, with perceptibly clean air with roads populated by humans with civic sense. Public amenities are equitable. Non-intimidating autorickshaws and extremely clean... Continue Reading →

Mira – Politics

By the time, Mira, you have a conversation with me about politics, I would not know how I'd have changed from now. I would also not know how the world would have changed. Maybe it is these fears of the unknown that I want to forestall by writing this down now. I have seen how... Continue Reading →

ப்ரூக்லினில் தமிழ்

ஸெப்டம்பர் மாதத்தில் துடங்கி சுமார் ஏப்ரில் மாதம் வரை நீடிக்கும் இங்கு பனிக்காலம். மதுரையின் வெப்பத்தில், முதலில் கருப்புவெள்ளையிலும் பின்னர் கலரிலும், தொலைக்காட்சியில் மட்டும் கண்ட நிகழ்வு பனி. எப்பொழுதாவது ஊட்டீ, கோடை போனால், வாயிலிருந்து புகை வரச்செய்து விளையாடியது பல மணிக்கூருகள். திரைப்படங்களின் மூடுபனி செயற்கை என்று புரிவதற்கு முன்னே குளிரும் நடுக்கமும் காதலின் அடிப்படை அணிகலன்கள் என்று மனதில் உருவாக்கப்பட்டது. பனி என்றால் வேலைக்காரன் திரைப்படத்தில் அமலா என்றால் இளையராஜாவின் வா..வா..வா..வா..கண்ணா வா... என்று... Continue Reading →

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