Posman Books – Grand Central Terminal

It is always a joy to find a nice bookshop in an unexpected place. This was right inside Grand Central Terminal, NYC. I could not believe that I missed this one. Imagine my joy when I caught sight of it as I was slobbering my way to Shake Shack.

But the high was immediately brought down brutally. I saw that they were slated to shut down at the end of the year because GCT is not renewing their lease after 15 years. I do not know why it is so, but I am hoping they manage to wrangle another real estate right there. Because every traveler needs a book.  And books need bookstores.

Posman Books looks amazing. I just wish I had the ability to pore over books super quick so that I can buy another. But I am a slow reader and worse, getting progressively slower as I age. After I started keeping an active eye out for books and bookshops I have started noticing that unfortunately my intuition that bookstores are dying is true.

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