Bar Thoughts in NYC

Unless I consciously sit upright, I tend to slouch in my seat. When in NYC, many times I walk to nearby bars for a late-night drink. Depending on how I feel I seek out a type of bar. I find a spot at the bar, heave myself onto the barstool, and keep fingering my drink... Continue Reading →


For a few years now I spend a good amount of my free time on social apps. I find them immensely fascinating. They put me in touch with people I would otherwise have not come in contact with. It gives me first-hand knowledge of what people think, and sometimes, even do. I do not know... Continue Reading →

The Pumpkin Eater – A Not So Happy Ending

**Multiple Trigger Warnings** **NSFW****Sexual Content****NC17** It struck me as odd, at that moment, that while the whole world was talking about feminism, planned parenthood, democracy, careers, and home-ownership, I was sitting there wondering whether I should wank off. My predicament was made even odder if you considered the fact that I had just then finished reading... Continue Reading →

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