Feeling Blue About Life

Blues is all about the notes you don't play. On particular nights, sultry notes that slide off a guitar lick tugs at my soul achingly. There are nights when quartets of blues guitarists, drummers, bassists, and saxophone players, are on a soft thumping groove, all of them oblivious to the world, making sweet music. Those are... Continue Reading →

Sound Tracks To My Everyday Life

If you've known me long enough I might have at some point talked about my biggest dream of making a movie. A movie that moves anyone who sees it. A sequence of visuals, dreamscapes, sounds and stories melded into artistic perfection. I come across many such movies and am awed by the vision and perfection of each... Continue Reading →

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Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

As I navigate through this life ...


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The Life Stories

A body of paradoxes.

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