The Scare

I am reconciling myself to the fact that I love my sense of dissatisfaction. I can never have enough of these wants. There are some things in the world whose ideal form keeps growing on me, and which, for a time, I was not sure how I should indulge. It seemed irrational to want to... Continue Reading →

From Peace to Rage

There are enough faultlines in people's lives without having to emphasize more. But it is these inconsistencies which push boundaries and gaslights us to trick sadness and happiness that make for engaging discussions. From these cracks of incontinent desires and beliefs flow our base emotions. Focusing on them you become one with the emotions thereby... Continue Reading →

I Almost Wrote About

So here is the thing. The trouble is not in writing. The trouble is in finding interesting stuff to write about honestly. I pick up a couple of topics every now and then and drop it after I shove it through the bullshit checker. That is just one checker of many. There is the maudlin... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Schengen Visa Application

Time: May 21st 09:45 Place: Manhattan Nobody asked me to do it. I walked into the tulip trap¬†myself. Like Dorothy and the Lion in the land of Oz. "Thanks a lot. Have a great day". I smile, thanking the lady with¬†red rimmed eyeglasses and azure blue beads behind the glass. What I want to say... Continue Reading →

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