Precipices and Waterfalls

Precipices play an important role in my life. They make me stop and think. Waterfalls have the additional illusive trigger of static motion. It reminds me of being in the presence of a caged wild animal. The raw power it can unleash sends shivers down my spine even if all she ends up doing is flirtatiously spray cool... Continue Reading →

The Mountain’s Secret

Breakheart Pass The Mariko Aoki phenomenon is an urge to defecate when inside bookstores. I felt it now. Just that instead of a bookstore it was the menacingly snow shrouded Eiger North Face that I was facing. It seemed that only I had been foolhardy enough to venture out that afternoon. I had hopped off the crowded train... Continue Reading →

Drugs, Prostitution and Taxes – Day 2

After a quick puff of the gateway drug, I settled down for dinner. We were joined by some cousins who have decided Amsterdam is the place to temporarily put tent while figuring out ways to permanently flee India. I was slightly giddy from the haze, moderately peaced out and extremely hungry. So read further with a pinch... Continue Reading →

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