Pre-Independent Bombay – Saadat Hasan Manto

If Manto was a photographer, his pictures would be high contrast, gritty and harshly lit. No staged lights with careful lighting and high heeled muses. His lens would always be trained towards the shadows and blurs that bring vitality to a picture. Pixelated freezes that don't run after definition, but moments, slurring vignettes of human emotions. Manto's life is as colorful... Continue Reading →

Feluda Stories – Satyajit Ray

Quintessentially Bengali. Where else does one get a detective, who likes to smoke charminar,dunk Marie biscuits in tea or gobble rosogollas when investigating a mystery? Sure, as a work of mystery you could pick holes in the book, intended to amuse children who then grow up to still revere it, but put it in context with Satyajit Ray's... Continue Reading →

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