When Reading A Book

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I finished reading Eka Kurniawan's "Beauty is a Wound". Even though I think I do not fully like the book, when asked about it, I could not bring myself to say I did not like it. It did not take long for me to realize that... Continue Reading →

From Peace to Rage

There are enough faultlines in people's lives without having to emphasize more. But it is these inconsistencies which push boundaries and gaslights us to trick sadness and happiness that make for engaging discussions. From these cracks of incontinent desires and beliefs flow our base emotions. Focusing on them you become one with the emotions thereby... Continue Reading →

Meena Kandasamy’s Marriage

TW galore and many apologies to those I end up offending. I mean well, truly. There is this story about a law graduate, who as soon as she graduated, sued her law school accusing the school of a shoddy job. If she won the case she wins, if she lost the case, she still wins.... Continue Reading →

Reading and Being – 2014 to 2017

One of my pastimes, when I am engaged in otherwise mundane chores, is to think of the ontological explanations to my existence. On quiet afternoons I end up reflecting on how I have ended up as who I am. Wishfully, over many such reflections, I try to understand myself better. It is a quaint and non-aggressive... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Reading

One practical outcome of my reading is rationalizing unexplainabiblity to my own fearful self. Something about life's mysteries weirds me out.  Especially those that have the hint of a solution lurking about. It makes me feel inadequate when I am unable to solve seemingly obvious tangles - it gives me a sense of not being... Continue Reading →

Wabi Sabi Parenting

Mira gurgled curdled milk out her nose and mouth, bobbed her head around drunkenly and grinned at the wall. Screams ensued and tears of guilt streamed down everyone else's faces with exaggerated expressions of concern. Both reactions had a calculated feel. The adults were being kids and Mira is just 3 months old. About the... Continue Reading →

Oct 1st 2017, Brooklyn

Help me out here, will you? Why write? I mean, why write? What I write I want to read. What I want to read I want to experience in some form and what I don't experience leaves me screaming for it self-pityingly. Admonitions of "but you can't have it all" or "fucking nonsense, grow up" make me... Continue Reading →

Casteism: Annihilation of Caste

Come, let us talk about Ambedkar. Please make yourself comfortable. Fold into a comfortable sitting position; a cup of water or coffee or tea maybe? You know, this week I read an annotated version of "The Annihilation of Caste"(AoC). This I think was the third or fourth time I have read the piece. The first... Continue Reading →

The Vegetarian

2006 midnight: Come, walk with me. It is midnight and Folkestone's leas are the starting point for one of my favorite night walks. We can walk till the very edge of the cliffs of Dover with its white limestone sheer cliffs rising straight out of the sea. I'll even walk on the side closest to the... Continue Reading →

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